About Us

Shop Half Price was started in 2001 as a local coupon website in Charlotte NC. Soon after began expanding into multiple markets around the United States.

Shophalfprice.com (SHP) allows merchants to get their offers in the hands of consumers that are searching for them via mobile and web applications. There are over 300,000 customers that are members of the email list.

To consumers, the SHP network of deal sites offers the appeal of mass deal sites Groupon, LivingSocial, Coupons.com, and Yelp. In fact, SHP includes live deals from each of those sites without requiring the user to sign-up or log in.

To merchants, the SHP network provides an interface for issuing new offers to local users and live intelligence on competitive offers nearby. Merchants are able to leverage SHP’s social network clout and significant search engine equity built up over more than a decade.