Fit Recovery Bundle

Fit Recovery Bundle
Fit Recovery Bundle
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Fit Recovery Bundle


  • Set Contents

    • Massage roller
    • 2 grip balls
    • Exerflex ball

    Fit Recovery Bundle

    Massage Roller
    • Designed to loosen tight muscles
    • Great for post-workout stretching
    • Helps sooth soreness
    • May improve mobility and flexibility
    • Suitable for arm and leg work
    • Made of soft foam
    • Size: 24”
    Grip Balls
    • Help relieve stress
    • Easy to squeeze and soft to touch
    • Aim to maintain health and coordination of the hand and fingers
    • Great to use at home, office, or travel
    • Suitable to support hand recovery
    Exerflex Ball
    • Fun and effective way to improve balance and coordination
    • Helps build strength
    • Great to train main muscle groups, while challenging smaller muscles used for stabilizing
    • Easy to use; great for fitness beginners
    • Suitable for yoga sessions
    • Fully adjustable design from 55cm to 65cm

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Fit Recovery Bundle