50% Off Lindt Chocolates

50% Off Lindt Chocolates
50% Off Lindt Chocolates
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$30 50% $15

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$30 to Spend on Chocolate at Lindt Chocolate Shops (50% Off). Valid In-Store Only.


    • $30 to Spend on Chocolate at Lindt Chocolate Shops. Valid In-Store Only.

    Lindt Chocolate Shops offer a wide selection of every-day and seasonal chocolate products. Customers can mix and match their favorite flavors, from classics such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel sea salt, to more unique flavors, such as cappuccino, hazelnut, and coconut, or seasonal favorites, like pumpkin spice. In addition to the iconic LINDOR truffles, Lindt Chocolate Shops sells a selection of exclusive gifts and premium chocolate bars. To find a local Lindt Chocolate Shop, visit the store locator.

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Lindt Chocolate

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