The Peking Acrobats – Up to 59% Off

The Peking Acrobats – Up to 59% Off
The Peking Acrobats – Up to 59% Off
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The Peking Acrobats on Friday, March 18, at 7 p.m.


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    The Peking Acrobats

    The Peking Acrobats soar onto stage prepared to astound audiences with gravity-defying stunts and spellbinding aerial antics. Since making their Western debut in 1986, the Chinese-based masters of marvel have helped infuse modern culture with their unique, ancient art form, sweeping across major U.S. television networks and swinging through venues worldwide. A live Chinese orchestra accompanies each gasp-worthy step with whimsical measures while colorfully costumed performers balance atop pencil-thin wires, ride elevated cycles, and contort their bodies into the phone numbers of ex-sweethearts. Elaborate stage props add striking visuals to the unfolding spectacle, backing jugglers and gymnasts with surprising twists throughout the show.

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The Peking Acrobats

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