Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Tickets

Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Tickets
Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Tickets
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    Neither Groupon nor FanXchange owns the tickets to this event or sets ticket prices. FanXchange’s third-party sellers list and sell the tickets. Because FanXchange’s third-party sellers set the ticket price and because pricing is subject to the forces of supply and demand, the price may be above or below face value.

    A Guide to Gameday at Thompson-Boling Arena

    • How to get there: we recommend the free shuttle, which takes fans from Ag Campus (off of Joe Johnson Drive) to the arena. It runs two hours prior to tip-off and for an hour after each game. The best part—if you park in the designated lot for the shuttle, parking is also free.
    • What not to bring: backpacks of any size, purses or bags larger than 12”x12”x12”, strollers, large signs and posters, and artificial noisemakers, to name a few (although the noisemaker inside your throat is fine). Consult the Volunteers site for a full list.
    • *What to download: the Official Gameday App, which includes live game audio, realtime Instagram and Twitter feeds, enhanced maps, and more

    What is FanXchange?

    FanXchange is a ticket resale marketplace—third party sellers list and sell the tickets.

    How do I purchase tickets?

    After clicking the “Buy” button, you will be redirected to FanXchange’s site where your transaction will take place.

    How do I view available dates and times?

    Click the “Buy” button on this page to view available events on FanXchange’s site.

    Why is the price on the deal page different than the price on the FanXchange site?

    The price listed on the deal page is the lowest price at the time the tickets are made available via Groupon. FanXchange’s third-party sellers set the ticket prices and since Fanxchange is constantly getting new inventory at different prices, the price listed may no longer be available and prices may be above or below face value.

    How do I get more information about children’s tickets, ADA seating, or parking for an event?

    Please contact FanXchange for more information at (800) 969-8556 or groupon@fanxchange.com.

    Will my seats be together?

    As long as tickets are purchased in the same transaction, your seats will be side by side, unless indicated otherwise in the ticket notes on the FanXchange site.

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